Welcome Descendants of James and Esther (Clark) Muncy

We welcome the descendants of James and Esther (Clark) Muncy of New York into the Muncy Family Database. James Muncy and his New York descendants have been known for some time, but it has been difficult to connect them to either Francis or William Muncy. However, a review of William Muncy’s descendants shows that William’s gg grandson, David Munsey, had at least five sons who were raised in Stafford County, New Hampshire. All of these sons — except Daniel — remained in New Hampshire and raised their families. However, Daniel moved into New York (Columbia County and later Oneida County). It is believed that James was born about 1793 in New York, possibly Columbia County where his brother was born in 1791. This birth date coincides closely with the birthdates of sister Deborah (b. 1783 in Oneida County) and John (b. 1791 in Columbia County). There may well have been other children.

While it is not proven that James Muncy is a descendant of William Muncy, no other logical candidates emerge at this early date in New York. Therefore the descendants of James Muncy of New York have been imported into the William Muncy database until evidence proves this is not where they belong.

We also applaud James and Esther Muncy’s sense of humor. The first name of all eight children begins with the letter “A”. It should be pointed out that some descendants of Daniel Munsey adopted the “Munsee” spelling.

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