August Update

(submitted a little early since I’m traveling the first week of August)

Expiration Notices Sent In Error

A loose nut on the keyboard resulted in expiration notices being sent to all registered users of the Muncy Family Database. Each registration is subject to expiration after two years of inactivity. The notice was intended for three registered users, but was unfortunately sent to all registered users. A follow-up email was sent, but just in case it didn’t reach you – you can safely ignore the expiration warning, unless of course you have not logged in in two years. My apologies for the confusion.

Database Activity

July was an active month with nine new registered users added during the month. Seven new photographs have been added. About 175 individual records have been added or changed. Be sure to check “What’s New” to see the additions and changes in the past 30 days.

Genealogy Website Links Added

For researchers, a drop-down list of genealogy websites is now included on the personal pages of database records. The available options include Ancestry, FamilySearch, FindAGrave, GoogleWeb, Wikipedia, GoogleBooks, MyHeritage, National Archives, Rootsweb Surnames, and Rootsweb WorldConnect. Selecting a site from the available options automatically prefills search data for the site and opens a page on the service’s web site. However, you may want to double-check to see that the fields were prefilled correctly. Some sites, particularly Ancestry, slightly alter their search forms depending on how it is accessed. (Nothing I can do about this, so just confirm the form is filled correctly.) For some services, you must be a member or registered to open the information (Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage). (Note: this addition is a separate module offered by a third party and I am unable to provide support for the various services. — Steve)

Tips for Submitting Photos

Whenever possible, submit your photos as JPEG, TIFF or PNG files, but I can convert most formats. If you are taking a photo of a framed photograph, remove the original from the frame (or at least remove the glass which introduces glare). Try to make sure that you have the correct angle when taking a photo of an exisiting image – in other words, the top and the bottom of your photo should be the same width. If you don’t do this, it is likely that your photograph will appear warped. If you are taking photos of an image with your cell phone, I suggest you take multiple shots and send in the best of the bunch. I usually try to “clean up” dust spots, scratches and alignment issues in Photoshop. The better your original, the better the final copy will be. However, I can’t spend hours restoring old photos. Be aware that old negatives and original photograph deterioriate over time. If you have a cherished old photo or tintype, I suggest you have it professionally scanned and restored in photoshop to preserve it for the future. Don’t wait until the old photo is too far gone for restoration!!! Photos submitted should be of: (1) a Muncy or alternate spelling; (2) the spouse of a Muncy; or (3) the child of a Muncy. Please, no photos of individuals whose grandparents were Muncy and not included in the database. You photo submission should contain the ID number of the person referenced in the photo.