Francis Muncy (ca 1633-1674): Immigrant

Francis Muncy, the Immigrant


Francis Muncy: A Historical Narrative (PDF, 2MB)

Early Settlers of Lee Co., VA – Book 2 Extract – Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales (PDF – 26MB)

Muncys in the New World – Estle P. Muncy (PDF – 25MB)

Brookhaven Records Extract  (PDF – 15MB)

Descendants of Francis Muncy I – Mary Edith Shaw  (link to online book)

A Theory Rejected – No Facts That John Muncy/Margaret Huggin Were Parents of Francis


The first we hear of Francis Muncy in America is a record of his marriage to Hannah Adams in Ipswich, Massachusetts in December 1659. We don’t know when Francis arrived from England, or the port at which he arrived. He probably arrived in America, and subsequently in Ipswich, as an indentured servant, probably in the summer months between 1650 and 1655. He was probably in his early twenties at this time.

Francis Muncy and Hannah Adams were married  in Ipswich, Massachusetts on Saturday, 6 December 1659. Francis, Hannah and their son John moved to Setauket (Brookhaven), Long Island about 1662 or 1663. He was very active in town affairs and died in his early-40’s in 1674.

The large majority of entries in the online database of the Muncy family are descendants of Francis Muncy. Several books have been written about his descendants, and at least one historical narrative chronicles the known facts of his life.