Read Those Notes!

While using the Muncy Family Database and selecting a record after a search, you will be presented with a tabbed screen providing different kinds of information for that individual’s record. Information  provided for that record includes personal information, media, notes, sources, and a event map.

The Sources tab provides a list of sources for the information  in the  individual record.  A record with no sources, or a very limited number of sources, can be suspect. It is important to know that the sources of information are credible, unlike Ancestry where you will encounter many users who  do no research and rely almost solely on the opinions of others.  Don’t fall into this  trap! You will find most of the names in this database have good sources and that can be your assurance that the information is well researched.

The Notes tab is an EXTEMELY important source of information – and you should always read the Notes tab on the individual record. This is where you will find Find A Grave memorial numbers, and notes that certain information is not proven or speculative. Unfortunately,  try as hard as we  might, we are not  always able to  prove descent or relationships. This is where “we think  he is the son but  can’t prove  it” notations are made. There are many examples of this in the Muncy Family Database, and you won’t know that a relation is speculative unless you READ THE NOTES!