Welcome to the Muncy Family Info site.  There are two main segments at this site – a portal (what you are reading now) – and the separate Muncy Family Database accessible in the left column.

This section serves as a portal to information about the Muncy Family in North America, including alternate spellings of Munsey, Muncey, Muncie and others. Here you will find news, genealogical research, histories, comments, resources and a genealogical database of the descendants of Francis Muncy and William Muncy – all available from the menu in the left column.

While we know quite a bit about the descendants of Francis and William (especially Francis), we don’t know much about their background. We don’t know for sure when they came to America although we can form educated guesses. We don’t know where they came from – almost certainly England, and probably Cambridgeshire, but we don’t know for sure. We don’t know if Francis and William were related — hopefully DNA testing in the future will answer this question definitively — but we can guess that they were probably closely related.

There are a lot of questions, and in time we will begin to get more answers. For now, I urge you to explore the links in the left column. You may find information that you didn’t know about, and you may find information with which you disagree. Please feel free to comment and come back often to discover new information as it is added.



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  1. Thank you very much Steve for getting this site completed. I am positive the information compiled will allow thousands of us Muncys to get better acquainted with our ancesters. Again, thank you for your dedication and labor getting this organized. It is truly appreciated .

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