About Muncy Family Info

This site is created and updated by Steve Muncy, a direct descendant of Francis Muncy of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Most of this information is the result of over fifty years of genealogical research by Steve Muncy, but much work remains to be done and you can help!

This site contains information about the descendants of Francis Muncy and William Muncy who appear in New England records after 1659. Francis and William may have been close relatives, perhaps brothers. Alternate spellings such as Munsey, Muncey, Muncie and other versions are included. See the link in the left column (About the Spelling…) discussing spelling of the name.

The online database includes records for the families of Francis Muncy, William Munsey, unconnected English families, and U. S. families for which a connection has not been made. You can access and search the online database containing records for a specific line, or you can limit your search to the descendants of any single line. Please be aware that the default search is for all databases.

The URL address for this site which serves as an information resource, continuing news and portal to the database is:


You can access the database directly (and bypass the portal section) by going to:


While much of the material here has been collected by me, it is my hope that the site will become a repository of information about the Muncy Family collected by others.

Please contact me using the contact link to provide new material, make suggestions, or correct information that you find here.

Steve Muncy