Francis Muncy & William Muncy: Are They Related

Francis Muncy, married in Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1659. His son John was born in Ipswich in October 1660. Sometime after that date, probably 1662 or 1663, he and his small family relocated to the community of Setauket (Brookhaven Township) on Long Island, New York. Francis Muncy led an active successful life as reflected in the town records, but he died a young man in 1674. His widow Hannah and two sons, John and Samuel, kept the property for a few years even after moving away after Hannah’s remarriage. Continue reading Francis Muncy & William Muncy: Are They Related


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While we know quite a bit about the descendants of Francis and William (especially Francis), we don’t know much about their background. We don’t know for sure when they came to America although we can form educated guesses. We don’t know where they came from – almost certainly England, and probably Cambridgeshire, but we don’t know for sure. We don’t know if Francis and William were related — hopefully DNA testing in the future will answer this question definitively — but we can guess that they were probably closely related.

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