Important Update Announcement

There have been some major changes and new features implemented in the Muncy Family Database as of March 9, 2019. Also, due to concerns about formatted source file information and media attachments, I am now discontinuing the maintenance of the Muncy Family Database in a separate off-line program. This means that there will probably be no more massive imports to update the online data. The online Muncy Family Database is now the version that is added to and corrected and corrections and new persons will be added as we become of aware of them – not saving them for one big update. That should be good news for you, the user, since what you see online is the most current version.

Here is a summary of changes. See below for details.

Database Updates:
Francis Muncy Database (big update)
William Muncy Database (minor update)

Photos: Implemented
Documents: Implemented
All Media: Implemented/consolidated
Cemeteries: Updated
Places: All locations geocoded
Sources: Updated (continuing)
Repositories: Implemented
DNA Tests: Updated

There have many updates to both the Francis Muncy and William Muncy databases, with new names added, corrections, and new sources.

The “Media Center” is now open and implemented for photos, documents and headstones. Approximately 150 photos have been added and linked. Several PDF copies of genealogical books have been added and linked. If you have photos or documents to be included, please contact me for instructions on how to submit and I’ll add them to the site.

New Cemeteries have been added. Generally this is a low-priority item, but I’m glad to add cemeteries to the list based on your suggestions. For cemeteries that have three or more Muncy-family burials, please send me the name of the cemetery, town, county and state and I’ll try to add them to the list.

Places have now been geocoded and includes over 2100 locations. This is a significant upgrade since it allows the use of maps for events. Geocoding will be done for new events in the future. This also allows the use of “heat maps” to see occurrences of family events. For an example of this, click “places” in the left column of the database home page, and then click the “Heat Map” button.

Sources have been updated (and continue to be) to assign titles and Repositories.

I urge you to go to the website and check out the new features.

Road Map:

We have completed the first phase of the Muncy Family Database and are well into Phase II. The offline local databases have been discontinued and the online Muncy Family Database is now a stand-alone database where changes are made online. Suggested changes and new items can now be submitted online and approved by me for addition to the database.

If you have previously registered on the site, you have been assigned the status of “Submitter.” You can now submit recommendations for changes and additions inside the database. From the Home page of the Muncy Family Database, read the “Submitters Guide” under Resources in the lower right corner of the page. This guide will explain how to submit recommendations for changes and additions.

Also NOTE! The User’s Guide (Guide-Muncy Family Database) has been revised and is available under the Resources section on the home page.

I don’t send frequent emails updating you on the Muncy Family Database – but if you do not want to receive these, please reply to this email with remove instructions and I’ll remove you from the list. I will automatically remove anyone who has not logged in for more than two years, so if you haven’t logged in lately, I urge you to do so to retain your log in information.

Happy Hunting!

Steve Muncy

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