2020 – The Year of William Munsey

Y-DNA “Full Scholarship” Available for One Direct Descendant of William Muncy

Of course you know that the main focus of the Muncy Family Database is information about the descendants of Francis Muncy and William Munsey. Unfortunately the descendants of William Munsey represent a small subset of the overall database. Less than 1,500 individual records are included in the William Munsey portion, compared to about 9,000 from the Francis Muncy records. We need a better balance!

My New Year’s Resolution for the Muncy Family Database is to attempt to grow the information about William’s descendants. 2020 will be the Year of William Munsey.

For many years researchers have believed that William Munsey (Muncy) and Francis Muncy were close relatives, possibly brothers, but there is no proof. Y-DNA testing can provide a proof of relationship. While a Y-DNA test cannot prove they were brothers, it can establish a close relationship. For those not familiar with DNA testing, a Y-DNA test compares the Y-chromosome present only in males, and because Y-DNA is passed down from father to son with very few changes it becomes a very important tool for genealogical research.

FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) is the only option available at this time for Y-DNA testing – and FTDNA sponsors a Muncey Project that allows comparison of Y-DNA among those taking the Y-DNA test. Descendants of the Francis Muncy family are well represented in the Muncey Project, but to date the project does not contain the results of a single descendant of William Munsey. Without a baseline Y-DNA test, we will never know if William Munsey and Francis Muncy were closely related.

To remedy this situation, we have purchased a 111-marker test (a $200 value) that can be assigned to ONE volunteer who is a proven direct descendant of William Munsey. The Muncy Family Database will be used to validate direct descent. The results of the test will be entered into the Muncey Project at FTDNA and the kit will be administered/managed by me (Steve Muncy). The name of the volunteer tester will be anonymous unless he wants his name added to the kit.

Are you, or do you know of, qualified candidates for this test? Older Munsey males are great candidates because there is less chance of a mutation in more recent generations, but any direct male descendant is free to apply. Would Grandpa Munsey be willing? Any interested parties should contact me directly for more details on the requirements and process of taking the test.

It is hoped that after the first test is added to the Muncey Project, additional tests from William Munsey descendants will be forthcoming and that partial scholarships for testing or upgrades can be made from the Muncey Project General Fund.

By the way, you need not have taken a test a FTDNA to join the Muncey Project and I hope many of you will do so. Simply jump over to:

and click the join button. You can also contribute to the General Fund to help sponsor additional tests. Members of the project also receive a discount on all FTDNA tests, so be sure to join before you sign up for a test.

Steve Muncy
admin: MuncyFamily.Info
co-admin: FTDNA Muncey Project